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GRIS24 - tracking system


The real time tracking system for freight transportation. Includes Web application and Android application.

Industry: Logistics, Enterprise

Country: Russia

Size of the team: 6 people

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, CSS, HTML, REST API, Backbone JS, OSM, Android, GPS geolocation, SMS API

Services provided: Project Management, Web Development, QA, Mobile App Development (Android), Server Administration, Geosystem setting.

Duration of the Project: 15 months


The project was meant to be created to organize a transparent and effective cooperation between companies that provide cargo transportation services and clients. The system should have full control on all stages of a process in real time: creation and processing of applications, choosing of a contractor, tracking of cargo location, performance control.
Besides, the system should have driver’s Android App for tracking transport and receiving of income requests for transportation. Also a system should have a web Interface to manage applications and track transport to provide accurate reports to the clients.


One of the biggest challenges in this project was a choice of cartographic service. We supposed to use budget service that can show a GEO-location of a vehicle fast and accurately.
Another challenge was providing stable information about the location of the transport in real time, even during a car was in silent zone.


Instead of using expensive ready solutions, we created our own cartographic subsystem based on Open Source project OpenStreetMaps (OSM).

A tracking system like that must to work fast and effective, in order to achieve perfect result we created fully custom solution. To avoid unexpected shutdowns we designed unique Data Base structure that allows to proceed huge amount of requests without noticeable server load ( up to 20 000 vehicles tracking at the same time).

We also created a custom module that allows to process, update and store large amount of data without overloading a server. System has to save routes to create reports, over 3 GB daily, so creating of custom module was the best possible solution for this case.

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Our clients says

Andrew Gerrard
Marketing director

This team is amazing. Really great work ethic and adheres to all requirements and schedules. They were able to accomplish tasks in hours that took other developers days to do. Working with them will save you money and time because of their efficiency. Plus they are friendly persons and easy to get along with. Highly recommend!

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