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Rent a Byke


Complex including Web resource, Android and iOS applications for bike rental with specific features.

Industry: Rental, E-Commerce 

Country: USA

Size of the team: 6 people

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, JS, XML, API, Android, iOS, Google API, FB SDK, Google APIs

Services provided: Project Management, Android Development, iOS Development, DB Design, Web Development, QA

Duration of the Project: 7 months


While our PM was in the US during the exchange program she always complained that the way to every place in her town is too long for walking and too expensive for driving there. So the best option for her would be to rent a bike, but all rentals required to return bikes to the same rental place where they were rented. Since she travelled a lot, it would be super convenient just send a location of the bike and drop it continuing her trip by other transport.
So the goal of the project is to help potential traveller to find the nearest rental place, choose appropriate bike and after all just leave it in convenient place.


We needed to choose the best payment method as we knew the system has to be prepared to be scaled and us in different locations.


After market research we chose BrainTree from PayPal, which gives an option to pay from every European country with any card and saves payment data on internal server at the same time. We built the interface which allows user to find the nearest rental place with available bikes in several minutes. After rental the user is tracked by his location to store the time of usage and count the price for the ride.
After the bike is dropped, application requires the photo of the bike and takes the price of the ride off.

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Our clients says

Andrew Gerrard
Marketing director

This team is amazing. Really great work ethic and adheres to all requirements and schedules. They were able to accomplish tasks in hours that took other developers days to do. Working with them will save you money and time because of their efficiency. Plus they are friendly persons and easy to get along with. Highly recommend!

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