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Project manager

Since 2014 Ukrosoft is making ideas real, achieving successful results while being a small team of three. And the main idea was to have not just co-workers, but real family where everyone is watching each other’s back. So the idea was created and now it was time for a solution!

Sharing the same values we built project by project improving our knowledge base and approaches. Each new project is a whole new world, which is being created by the talent and expertise of every member of our friendly team. Bringing real benefits and helping to achieve success for our customers made us stronger and gave us an opportunity to open new horizons, expand our interests and develop skills. The most important thing we know that every client that we work with is always the part of the team. We play on the same side, creating something special together.

It is more than work or us. We live by new ideas and put them into practice. After a long and hard work, bunch of projects, best practices and dealing with lots of challenges the team has grown to over 20 people now,  including developers, designers, copywriters, QA managers, project managers and SEO manager,where everyone is not just a co-worker, but real part of the family!