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Find a Car

Find a Car

Find a Car - choose your dream car


FindACar is online catalog of cars from all over Great Britain, where users can find a local dealer that has a car according to client's request.

Client: FindACar

Industry: Car industry

Country: UK

Size of the team: 5 people

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, JS, XML, API, Heuristic analyze, Fuzzy logic

Services provided: Project Management, DB architecture design, Web Development, QA

Duration of the Project: 9 months, ongoing


The idea of the project was to create a simple resource that will help a potential client to find a local dealer that has the most appropriate car. A system would collect all cars from all dealers and keep it in one place for the client. So, it saves plenty of time to find a car, plus dealer updates his stock after every time he sold a car or got a new one. Generally, the system contains all available cars with specific options from all dealers all over the Britain.


The most challenging part of a project were differences in dealer stock list formats. Dealers car lists had absolutely different and incompatible formats as well as approaches to the describing the characteristics of cars. It was obvious that the possibility of forcing them to use a single format was not an option.


We created a fully custom marketplace that allows dealer to upload and standardize the car database in few clicks. In order to achieve it our team created a unique heuristic algorithm. An algorithm standardizes dealers’ car list, so client get a list of cars with accurate characteristics in one place. At the same time an algorithm is connected over API with CAP hpi that contains a full information about all existing cars in the industry to make information shown on the site proper. The interface developed according the last UI/UX requirements in order to simplify users interaction with the system and choose the most suitable car in a convenient way.

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Our clients says

Andrew Gerrard
Marketing director

This team is amazing. Really great work ethic and adheres to all requirements and schedules. They were able to accomplish tasks in hours that took other developers days to do. Working with them will save you money and time because of their efficiency. Plus they are friendly persons and easy to get along with. Highly recommend!

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