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Mayaluxe - luxury villas rental


Mayaluxe is a WP-based catalog used to search for luxury villas rental with additional


Client: Mayaluxe

Industry: Tourism, Real Estate

Country: Mexico

Size of the team: 6 people

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, WordPress, Angular 2 Framework, LESS

Services provided: Design, Project Management, Web Development, QA

Duration of the Project: 3 months


The idea for this project was to provide all possible vacation services in convenient way with the ability to book chosen one.

The goal of the project is to craft an experience of a lifetime with the intention of creating connections for the guests, may it be a connection with oneself, a connection with each other, a connection with the rare Caribbean beauty, or even with the ancient Mayan culture.

So the resource should display all the spirit Mayaluxe has for its clients.


We had a lot of types of services: villas rental, experiences, real estate buying, international destinations and so on. And all of these should have appealing presentation without overloading the site and more than that should have correct structure on the backend for accurate operating and management.


We did a deep research and created attractive design using latest trends in Vacation industry. The layout was built in a way to obtain user’s attention on services provided, but not overload the space on the pages.

To perform stable work of the resource we designed a custom DB that stores information about different types of services and integrated it with CRM Salesforce to help owners manage and organize data that they get from the site.

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Our clients says


The project reached a successful completion, and throughout developers were attentive and knowledgeable. But when problems arose teammates were diligent in addressing issues, and they certainly knows what their is doing. They're good guys.

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