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YoungEng is a project that includes a complex of web-resources focused on promotion of educational programs for children worldwide. It has a multisite engine, which allows to create associated websites with the ability to register children and sign them to classes in available location.

Client: Lego

Industry: Education

Country: USA

Size of the team: 5 people

Technologies used: HTML5, Canvas, WordPress, Wordpress Network, Child Themes, Visual Composer, Stripe API, PayPal API

Services provided: Project Management, Web Development, QA

Duration of the Project: 9 months


One of our beliefs is that education is a core of our society future. So when Lego decided to create an educational program for children we were more than excited to take part in building such system. The idea was to create a net of schools worldwide where children using Lego equipment have an opportunity to get high quality education in different spheres like engineering, architecture, robotics and so on.

The main goal of the project is to provide specific knowledge and let children discover themselves while playing.

Since the net is fast growing and schools are being opened in different parts of world, we wanted to provide an easy effective tool that would allow to create a website for a school within one concept in several clicks providing needed functionality like online registration for a class, payment and posting additional information that parents would like to know when buying a course.

Besides, all school sites have to be connected and be under control of one main representative to give fast updates to every site when needed.


The main challenge was to build an online payment module taking into account policies in different countries and operability of payment methods depending on location.

Also despite the fact that all websites should have one united concept we wanted to add an ability to go an extra mile for schools and customize a site a little bit, so they could have something special on each site.


After deep research we decided to develop a multi site platform with a functionality of customization of each site separately without breaking general concept. So we created one main website that is being used as control center where admin can create and set up sites for schools within a net spending several minutes on that.

Every site in net has general Lego styling, but with an ability to add a hint that will differ the site among others.
This approach allowed us to create a stable net of connected sites easily controlled from one point.
Besides, we added settings for courses given in different schools with an ability to register the child to the particular one in online mode.

In terms of payment we decided to use mainly PayPal and Stripe, but knowing that there are countries where these payment methods are not available or should be set up specifically we allowed each shool adjust settings for itself in case default settings are not enough.

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