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NiteNinja - online platform for ordering services


Online platform for ordering services like babysitting, cleaning or a walk from 7pm to 5 am. Includes complex of Web-resource, Android and iOS apps.

Industry: Hospitality

Country: USA

Size of the team: 7 people

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, JS, XML, API, Android, iOS, Google API, FB SDK, Google APIs

Services provided: Project Management, Android Development, iOS Development, Web Development, QA

Duration of the Project: 6 months


We know how it’s hard to do cleaning at your place after long work day and we know how sometimes you just need to get out of here, but you have a little child who needs constant care. So we decided to create a great service that will give you an opportunity just sit there and relax while your apartment is being cleaned up and your child is in care of nanny doing his homework. We suggest you to find an expert of the household chores wherever you are as we have Web version, Andriod and iOS apps!



Of course such service is very successful in every place,so the system should be prepared to be configured and working in every possible location. More than that, NiteNinja should be scalable as plan was to expand list of services provided.


To make the solution easy and fast to develop we decided to perform implementation for specific polygonal locality. Built up interface was created to make the process of ordering as simple as possible. The user just enters needed requirements for services and at the same time sees the prior price. After that user just needs to fill the details and payment info and it’s all set! The system sends the notifications to all employees and the on who applied will be hired.

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