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Celebritynews - latest celebrity news, rumors and insider reports


Celebritynews is a high load news Web resource.

Industry: News & Events

Country: USA

Size of the team: 2 people

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Wordpress, Nginx, CDN

Services provided: Web Development, Server Tunning, Server Administration

Duration of the Project: 2 months


This is more than easy to manage WordPress blog! We know that as we did it, but what about more complex solutions like high load Web sites?
What if we can combine easiness of WordPress and big amounts of traffic?
Here goes  Celebritynews - a Web portal that provides latest news about trending celebrities.


The main challenge was expected ,so we had to deal with performance of WordPress.

Despite the fact that WordPress has plenty of advantages, it could not cope with big traffic. Also turned out that the chosen theme had some holes,which we needed to close.


We made it happen doing three things: reworking the theme we chose, choosing right server equipment and fine server tuning.

We optimized SQL-requests in the theme, removed extra functionality that affects the speed. After that we took care of server equipment being focused on network bandwidth and speed of data repositories.

The most exciting task was to fine tune the server infrastructure. We changed classic MySQL to MariaDB. After that proper settings for cache and buffer were configured. As a Web server Nginx was chosen set up manually and tested for a several weeks to obtain the power we were struggling for!

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