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3D House Maker

3D House Maker

3D House Maker

3D House Maker is a plugin for WordPress, which allows to add a 3D house editor with canvas to any site built using WordPress.

Industry: Architecture and Design

Country: USA

Size of the team: 5 people

Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Canvas, WordPress, 3D Modeling, Blender3D, Three.JS

Services provided: Project Management, 3D Modelling, Web Development, QA

Duration of the Project: 5 months


It’s great when people know exactly what they want! But what if you know, but you can’t imagine it? For example, the house of your dream. How many windows should it have? What color walls should be? This can be easily solved by installing 3D House Maker, which allows users to create their own house in 3D mode and see how exactly their house look might with blue walls. The main goal of the 3D editor is to show your dream without being misunderstood with every detail it might have. After user creates his own custom project he also has an option to send his model for estimation and get to know how much his dream will cost.


The main challenge for us was a wish that all people not depending on browser and Internet speed should have an ability to work with plugin. It was also reasonable to allow users saving and editing existing projects in case they remembered they wanted to add or remove something.


First of all we decided to use Three.JS library to provide cross browser functionality. Blender 3D was chosen for building 3D scene with option to save objects in JSON files. Since we used JSON files we were not dependent on using specific platform and compression on server side allowed us to reduce traffic. To make the plugin scalable we developed a module structure of plugin, so we could add any new part to the system and it would work just great!

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